Seasonal Pest Information

Spring / Summer

Summer is also a very active time of year for insects. Depending on the humidity and temperature, termites continue to swarm well into the summer months. Ants will also continue to swarm well into July.
Cockroaches are seen more frequently indoors during summer because they are searching out more favorable conditions such as moisture and lower temperatures.
Isopods (pillbugs) continue to be active in the soil around homes as well as millipedes, centipedes, and springtails.

Fall / Winter

Most insects are not active in the fall and winter, however many pests can still be active in and around your home.
Rodents are especially problematic due to colder temperatures outside and warm, cozy homes inside.
The true southern yellow jacket (paper wasp) is very common in the fall and winter months.
Cockroaches are always a challenge because of our climate-controlled homes as well as structure-infesting ants.

All Year

Due to Mississippi's mild climate, insects are active virtually year round.
The ever-present mosquito is found nearly year round in Mississippi. Different species are found during different times of the year, but they all inhabit water as larvae.
Cockroaches, silverfish, and spiders are commonly found in homes all year.
Ants such as pharaoh ants, little black ants, and other ants can be seen year round in homes.
Flies, gnats, and other flying insects are also common in homes all year.
For more extensive information on pest biology check out Pestweb.